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Article 5 of QSO Communications During Marriage in Law

Article 5 of QSO Communications During Marriage in Law

Communications During Marriage, as per Lawkidunya and article 5 of QSO Qanun-e-Shahadat Order & Section 122 of the Evidence Act, No person who is or has been married shall be compelled to disclose any communication made to him during marriage by any person to whom he is or has been married; nor shall he be permitted to disclosed any such communication, unless the person who made its, or his representative-in-interest, consents, except in suits between married persons, or proceedings in which one married person is prosecuted for any crime committed against the other.

Meaning of Communication in Law

As per Lawkidunya, the word Communication is the act of conveying meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs, symbols, and semiotic rules. The main steps inherent to all communication are: The formation of communicative motivation or reason. Message composition. Message encoding.

Meaning of Marriage in Law

As per Lawkidunya, the word Marriage, also called matrimony or wedlock, is a culturally recognised union between people, called spouses, that establishes rights and obligations between them, as well as between them and their children, and between them and their in-laws.

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