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Commission to Another Court in Law

Commission to Another Court in Law, Purpose, Function of Commission

Commission to Another Court in Law, A Commission for the examination of any person may be issued to any Court (not being a High Court) situate in a State other than the State in which the Court of issue is situate and having jurisdiction in the place in which the person to be examined resides.

What is Commission in CPC?

Section 76 of CPC, The concept of ‘Commission’ is an important subject matter in the branch of CPC. Commission is an impartial person who is appointed by the Court and act as an agent of the Judge. The power of the Court to issued Commission by the Court for doing full and complete Justice between the parties.

What is Commission in Court?

Commission is a term which has different meanings. It could refer to. A warrant or authority, from the government or a court, which empowers the person named to execute official acts. For example, the student received his commission to the U.S. Navy after graduation.

What is Local Commission?

The Local Government Commission is an independent body established by legislation.

Purpose of a Commission?

Commission, in political science, a multiheaded body created to perform a particular function, whether it be administrative, legislative, or judicial in nature.

Function of the Commission?

The functions of the Commission shall be to advise the Government and other stakeholders on all science and technology matters in order to achieve a science and technology-led development.

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