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Giving Children Custody of a House After Divorce

Giving Children Custody of a House After Divorce

Giving the children “custody” of the house after a divorce. Rather than the children going from one parent’s home to another, the children stay put in the family home. The parents on the other hand each move into their own residence and split their time between that residence and the family home.

Who will get Child Custody after Divorce?
After the dissolution of a marriage, custody of a child can be given as: Joint Physical Custody: A new concept that has evolved while negotiating divorce settlements. Both parents will have legal custody, but one will have the physical custody (child resides with him or her) and will be the child’s primary caretaker.

Can Wife stay in House after Divorce?
Legally a wife can stay with her husband or at his place of residence even if a petition for divorce has been filed by her against him or by him against her. However both the parties should not cohabit with each other and stay in different room.

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