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Importance of Child Statement Case Laws PLJ 2019 SC CrC 578

PLJ 2019 SC CrC 578 Case Laws Statement of the Child

PLJ 2019 SC CrC 578 Case Laws Statement of the Child, Pakistan Penal Code, 1860 (XLV of 1860)–Ss. 365-A/324/34–Anti-Terrorism Act, (XXVII of 1997), S. 7–Statement of the Child PW–Benefit of doubt–Acquittal of–The fate of the present appellants is not linked with the outcome of trial of, co-accused, for a variety of reasons–How complainant nominated the accused merely after having their momentary glimpses in a marriage ceremony few days before the occurrence–Statement of the child, statedly of 7/8 years of age at the relevant time, certainly requires a very cautions scrutiny–He is reticent on important details of the episode, relating to the present appellants–Crime report was recorded after arrest of co-accused and the appellants were named therein on the basis of information–A crowded ceremony would provide little space/opportunity to the complainant to remember the faces and names of the participants–Participation in the crime is found suspect it would be unsafe to rely upon the testimony of a vulnerable witness alone–Appeal is allowed.

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