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Can Prosecutor Withdraw a Case in South Africa

As per Lawkidunya in South Africa, a prosecutor has the authority to withdraw a case at any time before it is finally adjudicated. This power is granted to prosecutors under the country’s criminal procedure laws, which allow them to decide whether or not to prosecute a case based on the evidence and the public interest.
In order to withdraw a case, a prosecutor must file a notice of discontinuance with the court, indicating that they are no longer pursuing the case against the defendant.
In some cases, a prosecutor may choose to withdraw a case if there is insufficient evidence to secure a conviction or if the victim of the crime requests that the case be dismissed.
In other cases, a prosecutor may withdraw a case if the defendant agrees to plead guilty to a lesser charge or if there are legal or procedural issues that make it difficult to proceed.

How Can Prosecutor Withdraw Case in Law

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