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Can My Father Cut Me Out Of His Will in Pakistan as Per Law

As per Lawkidunya and according to Legal Rights of Children. Being disinherited, particularly by a parent, can cause self-esteem to plummet and call a lifetime of memories into question. Help them reframe the relationship to put the matter into a more productive perspective.

A father may be tried by the judiciary in case he fails to provide for his children or abandons them. This could result in fine as well as imprisonment. A father can disinherit his son from his self-acquired property only, and not from his ancestral property.

Can a Father Disinherit His Son in Pakistan
I am not sure if the law of the land follows sharia or did they make a new law for disinheritance. I looked up online and almost every forum basically mentioned that according to Islam you cannot disinherit your son. And the only way to deprive him off your money/ property is by gifting it to someone.

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