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Who does the Bribery Act 2010 Apply to

Who does the Bribery Act 2010 Apply to

The Bribery Act 2010 has very wide territorial scope. The general bribery offenses apply to acts of bribery committed anywhere in the world by companies incorporated in the United Kingdom as well as individuals who are British citizens or ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom.

Who does the Bribery Act 2010 Apply to?
Under Section 16, the Act applies to servants of the crown, while Section 17 repeals all previous common law and statutory offences relating to bribery, replacing them with provisions of the Act.

Which Countries does the Bribery Act Apply in?
The Bribery Act applies to: British citizens, bodies incorporated in the United Kingdom, corporate organisations with a business presence in the UK (whether incorporated in the UK or not). Once a connection is made with the UK by a business, the Act can take effect.

What does the Bribery Act cover?
The Bribery Act creates four prime offences: Two general offences covering the offering promising or giving of an advantage, and requesting, agreeing to receive or accepting of an advantage; A discrete offence of bribery of a foreign public official .

Where does the UK Bribery Act apply?
A British associate with a connection to the UK, such as through business, conducts a bribery offence in or outside of the UK. The Bribery Act will apply to an organisation if: The organisation is incorporated in the UK and has committed a bribery offence anywhere in the world.

6 Principles of the Bribery Act?
Proportionality, The action taken should be proportionate to the risk and the size of the organisation. Top level commitment – Those in senior positions are best placed to ensure the organisation conducts business without bribery.

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