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Sales Tax Active Taxpayer List, Active Taxpayer List (ST)

Sales Tax Active Taxpayer List, Active Taxpayer List (ST)

The Active Taxpayer List (ST) is a central record of online active Sales Tax Return filers.

Inclusion in ATL (ST)

To become part of the Active Taxpayer List (ST), the Active Taxpayer must be a registered person who does not fall in the following categories:

  1. Blacklisted or whose registration is Suspended or blocked;
  2. Failed to file return by the due date for two consecutive tax periods;
  3. Failed to file Income Tax Return by the due date;
  4. Failed to file two consecutive monthly or annual withholding tax statement.

Check Active Taxpayer Status (ST)

Active Taxpayer status (ST) can be checked through the online portal.

ATL Verification Through Online Portal

The ATL Status Check allows you to confirm your Active Taxpayer status.

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