Suit For Partition of Property

Suit For Partition of Property

Civil Case No: __________/2020
In Re:
1.Saira Arif Widow of Suleman Ali Haider Rizvi R/O 274-5 Green Town Lahore.
2.Syed Zubair Haider Rizvi Son of Syed Suleman Ali Rizvi (Minor).
3.Syeda Javeria Batool Daughter of Syed Suleman Ali Rizvi (Minor).
1.Syed Sajjad Haider.
2.Syed Musharaf Hussain Bukhari R/O Johar Town Lahore.
3.Syed Rizwan Ali Bukhari Quaid-e-Azam Town, Lahore.

Respectfully Sheweth,
1.That the addresses of the parties and correct for summoning/notices for this Honorable Court and today is fixed.
2.That the plaintiff No. 1 is the widow of Syed Suleman Ali Bukhari son of Syed Mushtaq Ali Rizvi (Late).
3.That the plaintiffs No. 2-3 are minors and are suing through their mother (plaintiff No.1).
4.That late Mushtaq Ali Bukhari had purchased the house No. 214-C Johar Town Lahore measuring 10-Marla double story through bearing No. 21250 Book No. 325 Volume No. 25 dated 25.01.2001, registered with Sub-Registrar Aziz Bhatti Town Lahore.
5.That the plaintiff No. 1-3 are the legal heirs of late Syed Mushtaq Ali Bukhari son of Syed Suleman Ali Rizvi and defendants No. 1 to 6 are also legal heirs of the Syed Mushtaq Ali Rizvi.
6.That the plaintiff’s No. 1 to 3 are entitled to inherit the property and defendants are also entitled to inherit in the property.
7.That the plaintiffs have so many times requested the defendants through respectable family members to make the division/partition of the said property in accordance with their shares prescribed by sharia but the defendants are paying no attention with one or other pretext.
8.That the cause of action firstly arose in favour of the plaintiff against the defendants on 05.01.2010 on the death of Syed Mushtaq Ali Rizvi and lastly few days ago when the defendants refused to accede the genuine and lawful request by the plaintiff.
9.That the suit property situated at Lahore and parties and also residing at Lahore, therefore, this Honorable Court has got the jurisdiction to try adjudicate upon the matter.
10.That the value of the suit for the purpose of court fee and jurisdiction is fixed for Rs. 500,000/- therefore requisite court fee will be affixed as per orders of this Honorable Court.
In the view of above submission, it is, therefore most respectfully prayed that a decree of Partition of Property may kindly be passed in the favour of plaintiffs and against the defendants in the interest of natural justice and equity.
Any other relief which this Honorable Court deems fit and proper in the circumstances of the case may also be awarded.

Advocate High Court
Mob: 0301-6001125
Chamber No. 3 First Floor Adnan Center,
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Ch Muhammad Shahid Bhalli Advocate

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