Restoration of Haq Mehr Case Laws 2013 CLC Lahore 94

2013 CLC Lahore 94 Restoration of Haq Mehr Case Laws, section 10(4) of West Pakistan Family Courts Act 1964 Interpretation of section 10(4) proviso of west Pakistan Family Courts Act 1964- Restoration of Haq Mehr- proviso to section 10(4) of the west Pakistan Family Court Act 1964 provided that it could be validity inferred that if pre-trial reconciliation efforts failed, the family court would pass decree for dissolution of marriage forthwith and would also restore to the husband, the haq mehr received by the wife- order for the restoration of Haq Mehr could not be made mechanically as a matter of routine without first determining if the Haq Mehr was in fact received or not by the wife.

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