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Confidential Information in Law, Examples, Types, Clause, Deffirence

Confidential Information in Law

Confidential Information refers to any Information or Document that a Business or Individual wishes not to make public. It can include anything that has been acquired by or made available to an individual or other legal entity in the course of the relationship between the parties. Examples of Confidential Information? name, date of birth, age, …

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Theft and Larceny in Law, Meaning, Difference, Examples, Types

Theft and Larceny in Law

Theft and Larceny are related terms, but they are not identical. In several states, theft is an umbrella term that includes all acts of stealing, while larceny is a theft of personal property. However, sevaral states define the terms quite differently with each other. If a theft is by force from a person, it is …

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