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Sales Tax Appeals, Limitation, Statement, Condonation of Delay

Procedure of Sales Tax Appeals

Sales Tax Appeals, The Collector of Sales Tax (appeals) may, after giving both parties to the appeal an opportunity of being heard, pass such order as deemed fit, confirming, varying, altering, setting aside or annulling the decision or order appealed against Appeals to Collector Appeals An appeal can be filed with the Collector (appeals) against …

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What is Sales Tax Audit, Types, Eligibility, Process, Audit Check List

What is Sales Tax Audit

Sales Tax Audit: Through Finance Act, 2018 Sales Tax Audit under section 25 of the Sales Tax Act, 1990 to be conducted only once in every three (3) years. What is a Sales Tax Auditor Sales Tax Auditors are primarily responsible for examining the accounting records of companies engaged in business within the Town to …

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List of Sales Tax Record, Payments Receipts and Documents in Law

List of Sales Tax Record

List of Sales Tax Record, the record of Purchases and Imports should indicate the following details of goods purchased or received or services hired: Description; Quantity; Value; Name, address and registration number of the supplier, Amount of tax paid on purchases. Record of Payment Receipts All payment so receipts of amount of sales tax on …

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